Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting There...

We've made some progress but not nearly as much as I had hoped... We can't find a rug we love, so we are making due with the old one for now. It actually doesn't look so bad in there. I need to start working on the pics/art behind the sofa and the other walls. We need a new entertainment center and Rob wants to get the TV on the wall ASAP. Still, we've made alot of progress since we started a month or so ago. Thanks to my mom, the entire room was painted in one day!!!! THANKS so much mom!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Part of me can't believe I'm even posting these pictures of my living room... It's a MESS, but this is how it looks most days while the kids play. Oh well. It gets picked up every night and through the day multiple times. Our basement is still a work in progress so until it's ready, the boys will continue to play in the living room. Honestly, once the basement is finished, I think they will still play in the living room. No biggie. I'm not the type of person who has certain rooms in the house that the kids are allowed in. It think people who only allow their kids in specific rooms in their home are weird.
Anywho... We are redecorating our living room!!!!!!!!
Our first purchase was the new tv. See below. LOVE it! LOVE! We are tv people. Sad, but true. We had the same tv since 2001 when Rob and I moved to Richmond. It was a tube tv and since it worked fine we were in no rush to replace it. After years of asking, Rob finally gave into my request for a tv and now I think he likes it more than I do!

On to the couch and love seat.
They served us well. We got them in 2001 and they also lasted us 11 years, 4 moves, 2 kids and 2 dogs. They are a wreck. We were happy to give them them to my in laws church to use in their teen room.

Our second big purchase was our new couch which took us about a month to pick out. Our original plan was to get a sectional, but they were all too big and quite expensive.

What's left?

Chair (purchased yesterday)

Paint (picked out)



TV Stand

Hang the tv on the wall


Side Table


Picture Gallery on the wall above the couch

Whew! Seems like alot and a bit overwhelming. Luckily my mom is visiting from VA in two weeks and is going to help me paint. :) Thanks Mom!

Friday, February 24, 2012

April in February?!

The weather has been nuts around here!! We were at the park in 60 degree weather last week and again yesterday in 64 degree weather. These are some of my favorite pictures ever of my boys. I can't even tell you how much I love them and how much fun we have been having lately. Holden is a DREAM baby and Chase is finally starting to get over the really hard 4 year old phase. The boys are starting to play and laugh together alot and it makes my heart happy to hear them. I hope they stay close forever.

Holden start physical therapy yesterday for his gross motor delays. It went really well and I'm very happy with the physical therapst that came to the house. She will be here once a week to show me things I can do to strenghten his muscles so he will start crawling and pulling up. It's my responcibility to work with him throught he week. She also said the bink has to go. :( I'm not ready. Maybe a few more weeks. I have been trying to limit it when he's not sleeping but I'm not ready to let go just yet. I mean, he's still on the bottle so in my book he's still a baby. Right? Right.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

No More Mullett... Holden's First Haircut

The mullett is gone.... And now he looks 15. :( How is my baby old enough for a haircut?

He looks so much like Chase now. It makes my heart happy. God is good!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a problem...

stripes... i can't get enough... they seem to be all I wear lately. i know around the blog world stripes are old news, but i think i have a serious problem.

my addiction is starting to affect my kids as well......

Friday, January 20, 2012


We are getting ready for Holden's first birthday party tomorrow. I have ALOT to do! :) Oh well, I love party planning and the few days of stress right before are worth it.
Aren't these invitations to die for? "One-derland"???? LOVE!! Amber outdid herself this time.
I will post more pics after the party...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning...

and Christmas eve...

We had a wonderful Christmas! Our boys must have been very good this year cause Santa brought them lots of new toys, books and clothes. Chase got a new bike and scooter which are his favorite gifts. Holden liked the paper more than the toys, but he loved all of his books. We made sure the boys knew that Christmas was Jesus' birthday first and that they were very blessed to get toys from Santa too.