Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Brothers

We took a quick trip to VA to see my family in April. My brothers were able to drive up from GA the same weekend so we could spend time together. I hadn't seen my youngest brother in over year and was very excited to see him. Chase had only met him maybe twice before seeing him in April and was instantly attached to him. Chase also LOVES my older younger brother and enjoys spending time with him too. He says he's his favorite uncle. :) Sometimes Holden looks identical to Jeremiah (oldest younger) ... So much so that it freaks me out a little. David is Holden's middle name and also Jeremiah's.

I miss my brothers. They are both wonderful. Nick in his own way... Jeremiah in a classic older brother way. I wish we could see them more, but it's hard since they live in GA. One weekend every 6 months isn't enough time.

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  1. You all definitely look related! Great pics. I know how you feel, I miss my brother too!